Photograph ideas for your Christmas card

Posted in on July 25th, 2013

Photo Christmas Cards are a great way to make your Christmas Cards personal, allowing you to portray your family’s personality onto a card and then send that out to relatives, friends and colleagues this holiday season.

Be creative with your photo, you want to make them individual and reflective of your family’s personality to get the best effect from them.

There are several types of photos that you can take in order to make a great card.

Involve your pets in your Christmas card

If you have household pets, maybe a dog or a cat, then get them involved with your Christmas card, they are part of your family after all!

Sometimes having pets in photographs can be quite disastrous as you may know pets sometimes aren’t always well behaved, however this can make for quite a comical and great family photograph.

Pick some propsFamily Christmas photo featuring a dog

Props added into the picture add a festive theme, as oppose to them being an ordinary family portrait stuck onto a card.

Include props that are usually found around Christmas time, for example tree decoration like lights and gifts, even snow if you can, you can buy artificial snow if you want to.

Be creative

Some of the best family photo Christmas cards are unplanned. Have your family do a group activity associated with Christmas, for example opening false presents and decorating a tree or acting out the famous nativity play.

Spontaneous photographs are best for capturing your family’s true personality as you are acting natural and not playing up for a camera.


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