How you can reuse your Christmas cards

Posted in on July 25th, 2013

Whether you have cards that you received from the year before that are still lingering around, or you are stuck with what to do with the Christmas cards that you will be receiving this year after the festive season is over, there are various ideas and many uses of your old Christmas cards to make sure that they do not go to waste.

Reuse the images on the Christmas cards

If you have loads of Christmas cards left over from the previous year that remain in quite good condition, there are a number of ways that you can give these Christmas a new lease of life.

When you buy a gift for someone this year, you are quite often given a plain coloured and non-decorated gift bag in which to put the present in. If you have leftover Christmas cards that have nice images on the front of them, then you can cut out these images and stick them on gift bags that you will be sending out this year. This makes the gift bag look more festive and appealing, and also means that you aren’t wasting any left over Christmas cards. Just be sure to recycle the leftover pieces of unused card.

Christmas decorations can be somewhat costly, and therefore there is a great tip to saving money this year around using your old Christmas cards from the year before. Simply cut out the images from the Christmas cards or phrases and season wishes. Simply put holes on either end (horizontally) of the image that you have now cut out with a hole-puncher or another piece of equipment that will do the same job, and loop the

Christmas present name tags

images together with a piece of string. Use green or red string to make this more festive. You can now use this to put over a mantle piece or decorate your Christmas tree.

You can also make Christmas present tags with the old Christmas cards. Simply buy or make stencils of a traditional tag shape, they are usually bell shaped, and then punch a hole in the top and tie a piece of string through it.

You can also make fun games for Christmas day or throughout the festive season by cutting up Christmas cards that have images on them in squares, rectangles, or if you can or have a template, puzzle piece shapes, this is this is a great way to reuse Christmas cards and keep the children entertained throughout the festive season.

Preserving my Christmas cards

If you do not want to recycle or reuse your Christmas cards that you will be receiving this year, then there are ways of safe keeping your Christmas cards so you can relive fond memories in years to come.

One way of doing this is by making a scrapbook. You can make different scrapbooks categorized by year, or you can categorize your scrapbooks by family name of who you received them by, there are loads of ways to do this. Purchase a scrapbook from any good arts and crafts store that stock them, preferably one that allows you to use string to bind the cards together. With your cards, hole punch two holes on the left hand side of the card, as the card is closed, and then use pieces of string to tie all of the cards together.



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