Tops Gifts Under £20 For 2015

Posted in Christmas, Guides & Tips, Presents on December 8th, 2014

Getting Christmas presents can be a nightmare, year on year you have to come up with something different but still meaningful. Some will spend a fortune only to find that the recipient of the gift already has something similar. So below is the Christmas Photo Cards top gifts for under £20 that are great for almost anyone in the new year!

R2-D2 Metal Model – This fantastic mini model is made entirely of steel sheets and is great for any Star Wars fan! 

£9.99 via I Want One Of Those

Star Wars R2-D2 Metal Construction Kit: Image 01

Punch Bag Laundry Bag – We’ve all been a little bit stressed every now and then, so this inventive punch bag can really help whack those worries away.

£20.00 via Debenhams

punch bag gift

Cadbury’s Treat Size Box – If you like chocolate then you’ll love this fantastic box of treats by choc experts Cadbury’s.

£20.00 via The Brilliant Gift Shop


Underwater Disco Lights – Feel like having a relaxing bath? Why not try these cool and quirky underwater lights for the bath?

£7.99 via Firebox

underwater lights

The Selfie Stick – For those who struggle with those all important selfies, this stick is more than a little helpful!

£7.99 via I Want One Of Those

Selfie Stick: Image 01

The Mini-Magnum Microscope – This is the perfect gift for those who are curious, little or large.

£12.00 via Debenhams

mini microscope

A Personalised Survival Wine Set – The personalisation of this gift makes is perfect for any discerning wine drinker.

£18.00 via The Brilliant Gift Shop

personalised wine

Grip Strip – This genius piece of material allows you to stick belongings, such as mobile phones, so any window or dashboard.

£6.99 – £17.99 via Firebox

grip strip

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