The First Ever Christmas Card

Posted in Christmas, Christmas Cards on July 25th, 2013

Christmas cards were created a very long time before you and maybe even your parents were born, all the way back in 1843, that is 170 years ago! They were created by a man called Sir Henry Cole, who wanted to spread the joy of Christmas his close friends and family.

Back then, there were no pictures of Rudolf and Danzer on the cards, instead there were pictures of scenes of charity such as giving clothing and food to the poor and homeless, and paintings of big family get together, much like the one you will be having this Christmas!

Christmas cards back then were hand painted by an artists such as John Horsley, making each one unique. They were sent to spread the joy of Christmas and the religious views behind the birth of the newborn baby Jesus. However, because they were all hand painted, they were very expensive and so most people couldn’t afford to buy them.

To make Christmas cards cheaper so that they were available to everyone factories started to produce large numbers of the same type of Christmas cards. However this meant that Christmas cards started to loose their meaning as they were not personal any more, unlike the presents that we make in my factory, where we see what presents you want from your letters to Santa and then make them for you!

Make Christmas cards personal again

Don’t worry though! Our good friends over in England have created a website where you can create a Christmas photo card with your photo on it.

All you have to do is use one of their templates that they have on their website, they have loads of great Christmas themes to choose from, and upload your photo to the template.

Their website lets you personally wish all of your family members and friends from work and school a Merry Christmas through a great photo Christmas Card.


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